Using its animal health background, Alltech launches human health company

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ/Press Release) – Alltech, a global leader in the animal health industry, is applying its more than 40 years of scientific innovation and proven nutrition expertise to human health.

Launching on March 24, Acutia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Alltech, combines science and sustainability to provide high-quality supplements that enhance everyday nutrition and improve long-term wellness.

Acutia’s initial line of products will be rolled out in phases, beginning with Acutia Selenium. This supplement provides immune system support, antioxidant benefits and essential nutrition and helps maintain healthy thyroid function.

Acutia Brain Health, which will follow later this spring, provides support for cognitive health and brain function, as well as antioxidant benefits and essential nutrients, by combining selenium, vitamin C and plant-based omega-3 DHA.

The selenium found in Acutia Selenium and Acutia Brain Health is made from a specialized, high-quality strain of brewer’s yeast to optimize the quality, absorption, safety and efficacy of the products.

Rounding out the initial launch of supplements is Acutia Digestive Health, which will be available later this year.

Acutia products are backed by the Alltech Life Sciences division, which conducts research on digestive health, cognitive health, brain function and cellular health. In 2019, researchers with Alltech Life Sciences achieved a breakthrough that offers a possible alternative to current insulin treatments for those living with diabetes.    

Acutia’s focus on sustainable wellness extends to its unique packaging and refill system. Upon their first order, customers receive a starter kit, which is packaged in a recyclable box and includes a reusable glass storage jar and a travel container.

Subsequent orders are provided in compostable refill packs. To offset carbon emissions from shipping, Acutia partners with Nori to support farming practices that sequester COfrom the atmosphere.

Acutia represents the continuation of a legacy of innovation that was established by Dr. Pearse Lyons, the late founder of Alltech and father of Dr. Mark Lyons. An avid runner who understood the benefits of proper nutrition, Dr. Lyons sought to create dietary supplements for humans based on Sel-Plex® and Bio-Mos® — two of Alltech’s flagship organic nutrition solutions.

Enlisted by Dr. Lyons for her vast experience as a dietitian, Putnam Badding played an integral role in building the business from its inception through today’s launch. In 2018, Putnam Badding led the project through the first cohort of Alltech’s internal incubator program.

Reflecting the culture of innovation at Alltech, the incubator provides a pathway to test and develop new business ideas while allowing a diverse group of team members to showcase their talents.

As Acutia continued to evolve, it was later selected for The Pearse Lyons Accelerator (now The Pearse Lyons Cultivator) — a program that provided entrepreneurs with mentorship and resources to help bring their startup companies to market.

What began as a small group project grew to include Dr. Mark Lyons; Dr. Power; Becky Timmons, chief product officer at Alltech; and a team of advisors. After several iterations, revised business plans and re-namings, Acutia emerged.

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