Urban County Council passes resolution for Spectrum cable issues

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – How much are you paying to watch T.V.? Most of us have complained about cable, or satellite service. In Lexington, the complaints about Spectrum cable are increasing and the city is taking notice.

Lexington is continuing its battle with Spectrum, the council voted on a new resolution to give the company a 30 day deadline to fix certain issues or face daily fines.

The city says complaints have tripled since Spectrum took over the market earlier this year with customers accusing the company of over charging and having poor customer service.

“Failure to respond to requests for service, failures to allow people to speak to supervisors when they request it. We had when we had a presentation from our staff, they brought in a folder that was about that thick with complaints from the previous year and the first three months of the new, they just had a much bigger folder, a magnitude, just a whole different order of numbers of complaints.”

The council voted unanimously on the resolution, calling on Spectrum to clean up its act.

“We would like to see the complaints stopped, we would like to feel that the customers of this franchise are feeling like their needs are being met, that they are being dealt with in a fair straight forward way, that when they ask for service they get it, they ask to speak to a supervisor, they aren’t told they can’t do that, essentialy we want the complaints to stop.”

Council members say while it can be hard to fight such a massive company like Spectrum they are confident change will occur.

Now Spectrum has 30 days to comply or face fines of up to $500 a day.

Spectrum was not represented at the meeting in Thursdays council meeting.

In a statement sent to ABC 36, a spokesperson for spectrum wrote, “We continue to work with the city and directly with our customers on their questions about the transition to Spectrum. As we move forward, more and more customers are benefiting from our customer friendly policies including no data caps, modem fees or service contracts.”

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