Urban County Council Could Vote On Budget Expanding Social Services

Thursday night the Urban County Council could pass a new budget.  LFUCG has an extra $800,000 left over from last year.  The council wants to send almost all of that money to social service programs.

YMCA’s Black Achievers is one of the programs proposed to get money.  They focus on helping kids from middle school age through high school go to college, and succeed.

"For us it’s a way of saying yes you can.  These are the ways that you can do this.  You just have to prove yourself.  You just have to say yes I can," said Roxanne Brown, Achievers Director.

Social Services is proposed to get only about 1% of the whole budget.  Social Services commissioner Beth Mills says it’s 1% well spent. 

"it is amazing how far a social service agency can make a little bit of money go.  I think about political campaigns that cost $13 million.  How much drug treatment?  How many rents? How many shoes for kids?  How many books, or music lessons that might buy," pondered Mills.

Last year Black Achievers got county funding for the first time in about a decade.  They got $7,000.  In the original proposed budget for next year, all of Black Achievers’ funding got cut. 

Now, they’re proposed to get more than before, $10,000.

"When I was told I was ecstatic," said Brown. 

220 kids participated in Black Achievers.  With the extra funds, Brown hopes to serve 300.

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