UPDATE: Work Continues On Broken Sanitary Sewer Line In Lexington

Repair work continues on a broken sanitary sewer line in Lexington. 

The break near the intersection of Man O’ War Boulevard and Rapid Run Drive was reported on May 18.

A section of the 24” pipe had collapsed, causing sewage to back up and overflow into an unnamed creek, through a storm sewer and into a pond at the Racquet Club Apartments, according to the city.

The Division of Water Quality explored multiple options and received cost estimates for repairing the pipe.

Contractors will insert a cured-in-place lining to repair the collapsed line.

Of the possible options, lining the pipe presented the most cost-efficient, quick and effective way to repair the sewer line, according to the city. 

The collapsed sewer line has been cleaned and inspected through closed-circuit television.

The pipe liner has been ordered and is scheduled to be installed within the next two weeks.

Currently, bypass pumps are directing the sewage around the broken pipe to a sanitary sewer manhole.

City crews are working with contractors to clean out the pond.

The pond will be completely drained, emptied of material and pressure-washed.

Residents are being requested to avoid the area around the pond until further notice.

The sanitary sewer line is expected to be repaired and the site, including the pond, restored by mid-June.

The city is currently making improvements to Lexington’s sanitary sewer system as required under the Consent Decree, a legal agreement the city signed after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sued Lexington for alleged violations of the federal Clean Water Act.

The improvements are designed, in part, to prevent stormwater from entering the sanitary sewer pipes and overwhelming the system, according to the city.

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