Woodford Humane Society to operate on waitlist basis for dogs as shelter swells to 170% capacity

VERSAILLES, Ky. (WTVQ) — After an influx in surrenders, the Woodford County Humane Society is now operating at 170% capacity with dogs and puppies — and shared a stark warning Friday: “There is no room left.”

The adoption center took to the Woodford Sun, a newspaper covering the Woodford County area, with a column, titled “Woodford Humane Society, other shelters need your help”last week. The shelter’s executive director Katie Hoffman also reached out to ABC 36, saying the shelter is at its breaking point with overcrowding, and they fear there’s no end in sight.

Dog Surrenders

Dog surrenders | Photo courtesy: Woodford County Humane Society

“Owner surrenders are up by more than 20%. Adoptions have bottomed out. As you can see from the photos above, we have dogs living in crates in hallways, lobbies and storage rooms. We have dogs doubled up in rooms and kennel runs,” Hoffman said.

Eight more dogs were scheduled to be surrendered to the shelter this week, and thankfully, Hoffman said, not all of them showed up.

Now, effective immediately, the shelter is operating on a waitlist.

“Until a dog leaves, and a space is thus made available, we cannot accept another dog,” Hoffman warned. “We will do our best to help as many other Woodford County dogs and puppies as we possibly can, but it will take time.”

Hoffman assured that the shelter won’t “abandon” its screening process or create space for new dogs at the expense of the ones currently in their possession by euthanizing dogs in their care.

But there are ways to help. First, by donating.

With a rise in surrenders and too few adoptions, longer stays cause rising expenses, too. Hoffman said the shelter doesn’t receive any government funding, and they are desperate for support from the community.

Second, speak up. Hoffman said shelters across the country are struggling and asked for people to advocate for shelter pets and shelter work.

Lastly, she asks that you spay and neuter your pets.

“Please don’t contribute to overpopulation. Avoid pet stores that perpetuate the cycle of backyard breeding for profit. Make adoption your first choice when you’re ready to add to your family. Adopt for life,” added Hoffman. “We are…asking for patience, understanding and compassion. And we are begging for your help.”

If you’d like to donate to the Woodford County Humane Society and its mission, click here.

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