UPDATE: Third Arrested in Commonwealth Stadium Car Fire

A third UK student is now facing felony charges after allegedly trying to set another student’s car on fire in Commonwealth Stadium’s parking lot.

Jennings Kleeman, 18, is the third suspect to be charged with arson after the car fire prompted a campus-wide bulletin and search.

According to University of Kentucky Police officials, a group of three teenagers drove into the stadium’s parking lot around 9 o’clock on Wednesday.

Security cameras then caught one of the teenagers jumping out of the car, placing an empty cardboard beer box under the front bumper of another student’s car, and then lighting it on fire, according to UK Police.

Officials said the Lexington Fire Department was called and was able to quickly extinguish the fire.

In a search for the suspects on Thursday, UK Police released pictures taken from security cameras on campus, asking for the public’s help identifying the three men.

But the car still sustained damaged, according to Fayette County District Court documents. The fire melted some of the underbody of the car, causing about $1,000 in damage.

About four hours after the images were released, police charged Cullen Gallager, 18, and Ian Baughman, 19, with 2nd degree arson.

According to court documents, Baughman told UK police officers that “he thought it was funny.”

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