UPDATE: Some Clark County Residents Upset Over Zoning Issue


A limestone quarry now has the green light in Clark County. The county fiscal court voted Wednesday in favor of a zoning change that will allow the quarry to be built in southwestern Clark County along the Kentucky River.

The Planning and Zoning Commission initially voted against this but the fiscal court overruled them, and voted yes. Wednesday was the second and final vote so barring a successful appeal the quarry can now happen.


Some people in Clark County don’t like the idea of a limestone mine in their backyard.

The Planning and Zoning Commission voted against rezoning land in southern Clark County along the Kentucky River from agricultural to heavy industrial, but on a first reading the Fiscal Court voted to rezone. 

"The crushing, the blasting, the noise, and the dust," said Deborah Garrison. 

Those are are some of the reasons Garrison doesn’t want the land turned into a limestone mine.  She lives very close to the site.

The Allen Company wants 165 acres, they own, rezoned.  The company has another site just across the river in Madison County.

"This zoning change should not go through.  It should remain agriculture-1, and keep the area in tact as it is," said Deborah Alexander, who lives across the street from the land.

Alexander says an industrial site would ruin the areas tourist attractions, like the Olde Rock Barn and Farmhouse Floral.  Her family has owned it since the 1800’s. 

Alexander and Garrison can’t understand why the Fiscal Court would not follow Planning and Zoning’s recommendation. 

As of publishing nobody from the Fiscal Court responded to us, Clark County’s Judge/Executive did not respond to numerous messages, the head of the Planning and Zoning Commission did not want to speak with us, and the Allen Company did not return multiple phone calls.

"Our voice is not being listened to by the Clark County Commissioners to date.  We hope that changes Wednesday," said Garrison.

The Clark County Fiscal Court meets Wednesday morning.  They are expected to vote on the proposal for a second time. 

If it passes, the land would be rezoned.

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