Update: Social Media May Have Played Role In Madison County Man’s Murder

A chemical engineer from Madison County, who was bludgeoned to death outside of Philadelphia, may have been killed after connecting with someone on social media, according to investigators.

Dino Dizdarevic, 25, was found murdered last Thursday in crime-ridden Chester, Pennsylvania.

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whalen said police hadn’t yet accessed a phone found with the body because it was password protected.

Whalen said he didn’t think Dizdarevic was familiar with Chester, which has battled corner drug markets and violent crime for years.

Whalen said Dizdarevic’s manner of death wasn’t typical of Chester’s drug-related slayings.

Dizdarevic came to the United States as a child in 2005 from war-torn Bosnia.

He became a standout student in Madison County.

He moved to Philadelphia last year for a chemical engineering job.

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