UPDATE: Robbery Suspect Shot By Truck Stop Owner Dies

The Fayette County Coroner said Thursday night, Devon Marshall, a robbery suspect shot by a business owner at a Winchester truck stop, died.

Police said a business owner fought back when two men came into his truck stop Tuesday morning with a gun and demanded money.

It all happened around 8:45 at the 96 Truck Stop along Rolling Hills Lane just off I-64.

Police arrested Curtis Wilkerson. 

A police citation said Davon Marshall, who was shot, helped in the robbery.

According to the citation, Wilkerson and Marshall parked their car in Bob Sumerel Tire’s parking lot then went across the street to try and rob the 96 Truck stop.

The citation says Marshall walked behind the counter pointing a gun at a truck stop employee while Wilkerson was on lookout and distraction duty. 

Police said the owner pulled out his own handgun.

“The restaurant owner did fire,” said Capt. James Hall with the Winchester Police Department.  “We don’t know yet at this point if the suspect did fire but we know that he did show the weapon.”

Marshall was shot.  Police found him in a field and he was taken to the hospital. 
Police said employees and customers at the truck stop held Wilkerson until he was arrested.
“We don’t believe that the second individual was armed and when the gunfire started the first one fled the scene and the second one just stayed there and the restaurant employees and customers at the time detained him until police could get there,” said Capt. Hall.
Police said the owner’s shooting appears to be in self-defense.
“We always advise to comply with the robbers demands because you never know what’s going to happen,” said Capt. Hall.
According to the police citation, Wilkerson and Marshall are accused of robbing a taxi driver at gunpoint on Monday.

An autopsy on Marshall’s body hasn’t been scheduled.

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