Update: Police Searching For Suspect That Attacked A 90-Year-Old Man

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Georgetown police are looking for a suspect wanted after the assault of a 90-year-old World War Two veteran. 

Police are looking for a woman named Amanda Pergram.  Police say she assaulted Ralph Covington.  We caught up with him while he had lunch.

"I’m one of the last surviving World War Two veterans," said Covington.

He eats the same thing at Fava’s Restaurant almost every day: hot tea and poached eggs.

"90-year-old man got no business eating a lot of gravy.  I cut out my gravy and biscuits," said Covington.

He spent Wednesday giving money to his 16 grandkids, 14 great grandkids, and 2 great great grandkids.

"That’s better than trying to shop for all those dot com machines," said Covington.

He says he feels fine, and the fact that he could do all that proves it, but he doesn’t look fine. 

Georgetown police say over the weekend Amanda Pergram came to his house looking for money. 

"I hadn’t seen her for years," said Covington.

He says he gave her 40 bucks, but she came back looking for more.  Covington says she took his keys, and demanded 20 bucks for them.

Covington says he said no, and she body slammed him.

"Left me there to die," he said.

He says she smashed his head multiple times.

"And I come to 45-minutes later, soaking wet, laying on the ground unconscious, had to crawl in the house," said Covington.

He broke his jaw on both sides, got 5 stitches, and suffered a concussions.  He says the injuries might be as bad as the gangrene he suffered during WWII.

"When you’re knocked out you don’t feel it," said Covington.

Covington says he’s nervous with his accused attacker on the loose.  Georgetown police say they’re looking for Pergram and her boyfriend Noel McCaulley. 

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