UPDATE: Motorcyclist Dies In Fiery Crash; Name Released

The Fayette County Coroner identified a man who died from injuries suffered in a fiery motorcycle crash Tuesday afternoon on Tates Creek Road.

The coroner said Mark Ramey, 26, of Lexington, died from blunt force trauma. 

Lexington Police said a pickup truck was turning left onto Duval Street from inbound Tates Creek Road when Ramey’s outbound motorcycle collided with the pickup. 

Annesha Earle Bauter said she saw the accident happen.

She recently graduated as a respiratory therapist from Bluegrass Community and Technical College.

She told ABC 36 News she got out of her car and rushed to the aid of the injured motorcyclist.

"He was covered in fire, partially, except for his head.  I asked a gentleman who was there, I think he was a doctor from U.K., and I asked him if the injured man had a pulse and he said he couldn’t feel one.  So, I checked for a pulse.  I didn’t feel one, so I immediately threw myself down and started chest compressions while the doctor removed the helmet off his head.  Then, we checked again for a pulse.  There was no pulse.  The doctor started to open an airway and I continued to do chest compressions.  We managed to get a very weak pulse," said Earle Bauter.

"We were taught in school, if you’re driving down the street, or wherever it is, and you see someone needs help, you have to use the experience you have and help, and that’s what I did today.  I didn’t think about the fact that he was someone I didn’t know.  All I see is a patient lying on the ground who needed help and that’s what I do, so I had to just go ahead and do it," Earle Bauter said. 

Police said the pickup driver went to the hospital because he was so shaken by the collision, but that he did not appear to be injured.

Outbound Tates Creek Road was shutdown beginning at the Man O’ War Boulevard intersection during the afternoon rush hour.

The Lexington Police Department’s Collision Reconstruction Unit (CRU) was called-in to investigate the deadly collision.

Outbound Tates Creek Road reopened shortly after 6:00 p.m. 

The accident remained under investigation.

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