UPDATE: More DNA Testing In Gas Station Murder Case

A judge said more DNA testing can be done in a high-profile murder case in Lexington.

Police said Travis Bredhold gunned down a clerk last year during an attempted robbery at the Marathon gas station on Alexandria Drive.
In court, Bredhold’s attorneys tried to fight the DNA testing.

They said the DNA hair samples the Commonwealth is requesting would violate his rights under both the Kentucky Constitution and the U.S. Constitution.

His attorneys said they aren’t surprised with the judge’s decision to move forward with the testing but said they had to questing it to give Bredhold a fair trial.

They said taking the samples infringe on his right against self incrimination, his right to privacy and freedoms against arbitrary government action.

They said the tests also do not give him due process of law.

Bredhold is accused of shooting and killing gas station clerk Mike Patel on December 9, 2013.

Detectives linked Bredhold to a stolen getaway car and camouflage jacket seen in surveillance video from the armed robbery.

They said that surveillance video showed Patel complying with the robbery. 

Bredhold was arrested the day after the shooting at the Fayette Mall.

In court, the attorneys mentioned cases from the 1960’s and 1970’s to back up their objection to the testing. 

“It’s always good to challenge things that have been around for a long time because things change; expectations about what kinds of evidence can be collected, what can be done with the evidence and the evolving standard of what people think is normal or is an intrusion to their privacy is changing,” said Audrey Woosnam, one of Bredhold’s attorneys.
The judge approved the Commonwealth testing Bredhold’s hair samples for DNA.
His attorneys said they have not gotten any test results back from the prosecutors, including a mouth swab that was done approximately three to four months ago.
Results from the hair samples are expected in three to four months.

Bredhold is due back in court March 27th.

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