UPDATE: Low Visibility Cause of Deadly Frankfort Crash

Police in Frankfort said a car hit and killed a woman as she walked across U.S. 60.

Officers also said that the area it happened, is not well lit, which they said may have caused the crash.

A Lincoln Navigator SUV was headed outbound along Versailles Road when Oquana Washington, 24, was hit and killed, according to FPD.

Police said she was crossing in the middle of the street around eight o’clock Monday night after her shift at Wendy’s.

The manager said it was her first day of work.

FPD said low-visibility in the area may have caused the crash.

There isn’t a traffic light there, isn’t a cross walk at that particular area where our pedestrian was crossing,” said Major Rob Warfel with the Frankfort Police Department.  “It is a poorly lit area, even though it is a commercial area with restaurants and stores its poorly lit there not a lot of traffic lights.”
Police noticed a street light just above the accident scene was out.
The city said it was the state’s responsibility to replace the burned-out street light and the state said it was the city’s.
The accident is still under investigation but police don’t anticipate any charges against the driver.

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