UPDATE: Lexington first responders leave for Johnson County

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Lexington first responders left Thursday night for Johnson County. They’ll be lending a hand to their comrades in the flood-ravaged area. The group will also deliver items and supplies that were donated in Lexington.

Because Johnson County’s first responders have been working around the clock, they haven’t had time yet to focus on their own damaged homes. But the group from Lexington is ready to help change that.

The trip means a lot to Lexington Police Sergeant Ronald Keaton. He’s originally from Flat Gap, an area hit hard by the floods. Keaton says he has seen pictures of the flooding on Facebook, but he hasn’t been back there yet. "Some of the people I’ve seen make postings, I went to grade school with those people. And so for me, it’s a big deal for me to get back there and to help them out," says Keaton.

About 15 more people will leave Saturday. The Lexington first responders plan to stay in Johnson County until Sunday.

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