UPDATE: Lexington Cable Customers Sound Off On Time Warner Cable

Lexington has to decide whether to renew its contract with Time Warner Cable.

Time Warner recently bought Insight Communications and now provides cable TV and Internet service.

People could comment on Time Warner Thursday night.

It was the second of two public hearings this week.

At stake is whether Lexington continues its business relationship with TWC or switches to another cable company.

Most of the comments about TWC were negative.

Many customers complained about increased costs, spotty cable and Internet connections and poor customer service.

A Time-Warner representative said when a cable company buys another one, there are bound to be problems.

Jason Keller says, "Certainly, any transition of that magnitude where we are transitioning hundreds of thousands of customers over to a new billing platform, a new email, a new television platform, is going to cause issues. We’re working hand and hand with each customer to try to make that transition as seamless as possible."

The city is also accepting public comments via LexCall (311) and by email at commentoncablelexington@lexingtonky.gov.

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