UPDATE: Judge Allows Controversial Campaign TV Ad Continue Airing

A Circuit Court judge on Thursday refused to grant a restraining order to stop a campaign TV ad by state Senator R.J. Palmer, D-Winchester.

Palmer’s opponent, Ralph Alvarado, R-Winchester, is a Clark County physician.  He claimed in a lawsuit against Palmer and Palmer’s political consultant, Dale Emmons, that the ad uses edited courtroom video to imply that Alvarado illegally prescribed $3,000 worth of prescription pills to an accused drug trafficker.

Alvarado’s lawsuit claims the ad makes the doctor out to be a drug dealer, which damaged his professional, political and personal reputation.

Judge Robert Johnson said that there were issues with how Palmer’s campaign edited the 2010 courtroom video, but that the Kentucky Supreme Court had ruled it unconstitutional for judges to block free speech unless a trial determined that the speech was defamatory.

In addition to asking for a restraining order to stop the TV ad, Alvarado sued Palmer and Emmons for damages.

Palmer and Alvarado are running for the 28th District state Senate seat, which covers Clark and Montgomery counties and part of northern Fayette County.

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