UPDATE: Henry Clay HS Principal Releases Statement On Suspension

A principal in Fayette County released a statement after he was suspended without pay for two days in June.

Henry Clay HS Principal Greg Quenon was reprimanded because he drank alcohol during a school trip.

According to a statement from Quenon, he was having dinner with his wife while on a cheerleading trip in Florida when it happened.

"In February I attended the National Cheerleading competition in Orlando along with a group of students from Henry Clay. While there, I went out to dinner with my wife one evening after the students had gone to bed and I had a beer with my meal. I also had a beer with my wife in the hotel bar on a different evening. Although I was not supervising students at the time, I understand my responsibility to be above reproach and to abstain from alcohol while on a school trip. I deeply regret my actions and assure everyone in our school community that it will never happen again."

Quenon has been principal of Henry Clay High School since 2012.

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