UPDATE: Former LFUCG councilwoman pleads guilty in theft case

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Former Urban County Councilwoman Sasha Love Higgins faces up to two-years in prison after admitting to cashing bogus payroll checks at the hotel she used to manage, according to Fayette Circuit Court officials.

On Friday, she pleaded guilty to two felonies and three misdemeanors, according to court officials.

The case began with an identity theft report in January of this year.  Court documents say while Higgins was managing a Hampton Inn in Lexington, she continued to issue fraudulent checks to a former employee months after that employee no longer worked at the hotel.

The former employee’s husband contacted Higgins to ask about the checks and she admitted she had continued to issue the checks, according to court documents.  The former employee’s husband recorded the phone call with Higgins and shared it with Lexington Police, according to investigators.

The bogus checks totaled more than $4,000, according to police.  Investigators say Higgins asked Hampton Inn to set up a MetaBank account in the former employee’s name that Higgins used to funnel the money for her own personal use, according to court documents.

Higgins resigned from the Urban County Council not long after she was charged in the criminal case.

She is scheduled to be sentenced October 5, 2017.

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