UPDATE: Fire cause determined at Lexington business

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Fire investigators say an “uncontrolled open fire” behind a barn is the cause of a wind-whipped fire that destroyed a barn, mobile home, vehicles and hay bales Thursday afternoon on Sulpher Well Road in Fayette County. A woman who was sleeping in the mobile home at the time of the fire managed to escape with minor injuries, according to firefighters. She was treated at an area hospital. Her name wasn’t released.

Investigators say Cooper’s Greenhouse was trying to get rid of cardboard by using an open burn that quickly got out of control. Firefighters say fueled by high winds, the fire spread from the barn to the nearby trailer and jumped across the road to a field. About 30-to-40 bales of hay caught fire, which filled the air with thick, black smoke that could be seen as far away as Jessamine and Madison counties, according to firefighters.

Several vehicles were also destroyed, including a semi, according to investigators. When firefighters arrived on the scene, the barn was already destroyed. Firefighters were not only battling the fire and the wind, but because of the rural setting, there wasn’t an adequate water supply.

Firefighters had to find different ways to get water to the scene to fight the fire and keep it from spreading, which included using a nearby pond.

Firefighters say they plan to stay at the scene through the night to keep an eye out for hot spots.

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