Update: Financial Crime Led Police To Body In Lexington Storage Unit

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The Fayette County Coroner says police found the body of an adult white male. 

Coroner Gary Ginn says he believes somebody to tried to hide the man’s death, putting him inside a storage unit. 

Police said a body was found Wednesday in a storage unit off Winchester Road. 

Lexington Police say the Social Security Administration asked for their assistance.  Police say they helped execute a search warrant. 

Police say the Social Security Administration was investigating a possible financial crime.  A Spokesperson for the SSA would not comment on this case, but in a statement said:

"We frequently investigate what we term ‘deceased payee’ cases, in which the death of a Social Security beneficiary is not reported to (or even concealed from) the Social Security Administration so that the deceased individual’s benefits will continue to be paid and misappropriated by a family member or someone else with access to the account into which the deceased’s benefits are deposited."

Gary Ginn says the body was badly decomposed, and he could not tell how long it had been inside the unit. 

Ginn says he cannot confirm the man’s identity, but has an idea who it is. 

Ginn says he is still working to determine a manner and cause of death. 

Ginn will decide if the death was accidental, or if the person was killed. 

If the coroner rules the person was killed, police will start a homicide investigation.  If Ginn decides it was accidental, then police could still investigate, and charge somebody with abuse of a corpse.

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