UPDATE: Body Found In TX Tied To Lexington Fraud Case

A body that deputies said was found in a West Texas home is tied to a Lexington fraud case.

Judith Broughton was sentenced to ten years in prison last month for hiding her father’s body in a Lexington storage unit so that she could continue to receive his social security checks.

Her father, Luther Broughton, died in 1990.

Authorities said his mummified remains were found in the unit last January.

Investigators were still trying to find Broughton’s mother, Mary Elizabeth.

Her benefits had also been deposited into an account with her daughter.

The Brewster County Sheriff’s Office in Texas said that Judith Broughton’s attorney had contacted it Wednesday about Mary Elizabeth.

According to deputies, a body was later found under the floorboards of Broughton’s Texas home.

Authorities were trying to identify the person.

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