Update: Adair County Recovers From Explosion

Adair County families who were forced to evacuate their homes after a gas line exploded near the community of Knifely are allowed back in their homes tonight.

The American Red Cross Disaster Services Coordinator, Coy Prichard, said 20 houses were evacuated.

“You never know in the beginning,” Prichard said about getting the call for this explosion. “In the initial phases it was a large a very large explosion. Three homes were destroyed. Twenty families were displaced. So that had the potential of being catastrophic.”

Joseph Kendall said his family has lived in the neighborhood for only three months.

“No, I never even knew there was a pipeline up there,” he said. “They say that’s what it was that blew up. That’s all I know about it.”

Emergency management said a pipeline explosion owned by Columbia Gulf Transmission destroyed two homes and damaged a third.

Two people went to the hospital for injuries, but are out now.

They said it also left a crater 60 feet around.

“You know people have been coming in asking the Red Cross how can they help. It’s a community effort,” Prichard said.

Elkhorn Road was closed to the public all day. Families were allowed to walk through their homes halfway through the day, once crews said it was safe to do.

“They let us down there. I went down there and took a look at everything seemed fine,” Kendall said.

Columbia Gulf Transmission said it’s working with local agencies to make sure the community is safe.

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