Unlawful imprisonment arrest in Richmond

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – Officers say a report of a domestic disturbance, and of a woman screaming for help led them to a home on Foxhaven Drive in Richmond on Sunday.

According to police, when they arrived, they could hear the woman screaming.  Investigators say as they tried to enter the home, 27-year-old Charles Kavanaugh opened the door.  Police say they immediately found the woman with blood on her face, continuing to plead for help.  According to officers, the woman told them Kavanaugh had gotten into the home through a kitchen window and had repeatedly punched her in the face, pulled her hair, threw her into a mirror, and slammed her head on the ground multiple times.  Police say she also told them that Kavanaugh would not let her leave the home, and that he had tried to flip a bed where her two-year-old toddler was sleeping.

Police say when they tried to arrest Kavanaugh, he became combative with officers, and kicked the door and window of the cruiser in an attempt to get out.

He was charged with unlawful imprisonment, assault, and resisting arrest, among others. 

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