University of Cumberlands undergrads will no longer have to pay for textbooks

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (WTVQ) – On-campus undergraduate students at the University of the Cumberlands have something besides the new year to celebrate. Officials say this is the last time they will have to pay for their textbooks.

The university says beginning fall 2020, all on-campus undergraduates will have the option to participate in a free textbook loan program. Officials say students who participate in the program will receive free books as long as they are returned in good condition at the end of the semester.

According to officials, the loan program will include books for all fields of study and students have the option to purchase any books they would like to keep.

“Knowing that my books will be covered is a relief,” said Jenna Rose, a sophomore studying communication arts. “It will help me pay for other necessities related to my education, so I’m grateful. I’m thankful that the school would make the effort to make my educational experience even better.”

Officials say they are hopeful that the textbook loan program, combined with the 57-percent tuition reduction, will help ease the burden families face when making decisions about pursuing a college education.

The university says students who prefer to buy textbooks from other vendors are still free to do so.

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