Unemployed Kentuckians Apply For Holiday Positions

Many Kentuckians are looking to be hired part-time this holiday season.

Across the country, Amazon plans to hire 70,000 temporary employees.

The company’s Winchester office hosted a job fair today. People packed the lobby, hoping to be brought on for the seasonal positions.

According to Kentucky Labor Market Information, unemployment rates are dropping in Kentucky.

2011:  9.5%

2012:  8.2%

2013:  7.8%

People we talked to Wednesday at the job fair said they don’t think it’s getting any easier to find a job in Kentucky.

“I’ve been at it since about 8 o’clock this morning. Going to different factories and talking to different people. It’s pretty rough right now,” David McKinney said.

Amazon officials said this isn’t the only job fair they will host. There will be 3-4 other job fairs within in the next few weeks.

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