UK students working on crushing-safety standard for equestrian helmets

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A group of UK students are working to design the next generation of helmets for horseback riders.

Makes sense, right? With Lexington being the horse capital of the world.

It’s part of students’ senior design course. Senior Stuart Nicholas said they hope it’s the start of a crushing-safety standard for helmets.

He said this is an important project because mild traumatic brain injuries are more common in equestrian sports than they are in boxing and even football.

“We are trying to develop the standard that is based on actual events that could happen when riding a horse. For example, a horse his weight is about 2000 newtons so if a horse were to fall on your head and you’re adhering to the 50-newton standard, it wouldn’t exactly protect you that much,” Nicholas said.

He said the process will take years, but the goal is to pass this on to the next group of students so they can continue the work.

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