UK: Students studying in France are safe

PARIS (WTVQ) – The University of Kentucky says eight students who are studying abroad in France are okay in the wake of deadly attacks in Paris. The school says there were two students and one professor in Paris at the time of the attacks. One of the student’s is studying in France, the other is studying in Germany, but was in Paris on Friday. The other students were in other parts of the country when the violence broke out, according to UK.

A prosecutor in Paris says the death toll from at least six separate attacks around the capital could exceed 120, according to a report from the Associated Press. Most of the victims were in a concert hall. An official says security forces found “carnage” after making it into the facility, where attackers were holding hostages.

Another official says the attackers blew themselves up with suicide vests. The sites attacked included a restaurant and a stadium where France and Germany were competing. The head of Paris police says it’s believed all the attackers are dead.

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