UK students build shelters and a blueprint to help people move out of homelessness

tornado relief shelters built by UK architect students

LEXINGTON K.Y (WTVQ) – A group of University of Kentucky students has built a blueprint to help those in need…Particularly the homeless. In August the class of 18 was split into two projects, building a sawmill pavilion for the department’s new sawmill, and a couple of portable prototype shelters. The plan following completion was to help move people out of homelessness. Students were given deadlines and a budget. And used wood from trees harvested from campus. After two and half months, the class had built an 8×8 shelter, which includes the bare basics of a bed and shelves. A large habitat an 8×24 space was also built. It includes electricity and plumbing
with rooms spaced out to include a kitchen, a bathroom, a laundry area
and if needed, more space could be added.

“Scale makes a big difference, even on a small scale, a building can have such an impact on a person or a group of people whichever way it needs to,” says Grace Butler.

Last month, after seeing the tornado devastation in Western Kentucky, students say they knew where their work was warranted. In a few weeks, shelters will be taken to a family or two in need.

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