UK student sexually abused by Uber driver

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- University of Kentucky police are looking for a man they say sexually abused a student after picking her up using the driving share app called Uber.

UK police say they have identified the suspect as an Uber driver who they say sexually assaulted a UK student in a parking garage on Wednesday after using the app to pick her up nearby.

UK police say around 1 a.m. Wednesday, a female student used Uber to get a ride to her dorm just down the road but the short ride quickly turned dangerous.

“As the driver of the Uber app was going up Woodland he passed the residence facility and proceeded on into parking garage number two here on the University of Kentucky campus. They were in there for about an hour where she reported that she was sexually abused by having the individual kiss on her and touch her inappropriately,” said Chief Joe Monroe, with UK police.

Police say the suspect then dropped off the student at her dorm where she called police soon after.

“That’s awful. Nobody should have to go through that especially not a student,” said Andrew Dharamsey, a UK student.

After posting a crime bulletin to their Facebook page warning students of the incident, police say they now have reason to believe this wasn’t the suspect’s first time.

“We’ve already received two calls stating that they have had contact with this individual as well. So this is a very fluid and ongoing investigation,” said Chief Monroe.

With finals just around the corner, this threat is at the front of many students minds.

“It’s kind of unsettling you know so many people use Uber especially around the end of the semester with finals and everything and it kind of sucks that it happened right now. It’s got everybody on edge when they’re already on edge to begin with,” said Allie Schawe, a UK student.

UK police tell me this suspect is still on the loose and could very well still be using the Uber app to pick people up. They ask that anyone who sees someone that fits the profile on the app or that car near campus to call UK police immediately.

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