UK student religious groups host community unity night

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – January 25 is more than just a date.

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray declared Thursday ‘Chabad of the Bluegrass Unity and Solidarity Day.’

That’s in honor of the University of Kentucky organization’s efforts in unifying the community.

Thursday night, members of several UK religious groups invited people to campus to talk about unity.

With readings in different languages, by people representing different faiths and ethnicities, UK came together to encourage unity.

“I got a lot of messages asking me, ‘Okay, I understand it’s a unity event. Why are you suddenly uniting?,” said Maria Shamai, president of the Chabad Jewish Student Center. “Well, last week, something happened.”

The Jewish Student Center on UK’s campus was vandalized.

“I was scared, and then I got angry because it’s not fair that things like this happen to people anymore,” said Shamai.

Now, Shamai wants to show that the community can come together, choosing love over hate.

Rabbi Schlomo Litvin, the director of the Chabad Jewish Student Center, says the unity displayed during the meeting shouldn’t stop when people walk out the door.

“Light and positivity naturally joins with light and positivity so all of us are one small light, one small flare and together, we can light up campus, we can light up Lexington, we can light up the world,” said Litvin.

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