UK spokesman answers safety questions after bogus threat

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Student reporters at the Kentucky Kernel told ABC 36 the bogus threat still has their classmates asking a lot of questions about their safety.

On social media, too, people want to know why UK never put out a safety alert.

The school says alerts are best used when people need to take action to stay safe.

In this case, police investigated and found the threats weren’t real so UK used social media instead to keep people updated.

That’s also why class wasn’t cancelled.

Other students and parents want to know if UK will make any changes.

Spokesman Jay Blanton says the university is continually evaluating its safety protocols.

“Frankly, we’re not any different than downtown Lexington. It’s an open space too so we’ve got to balance those freedoms we all cherish with investments that we can make in safety to try to keep the campus as safe as possible,” Blanton said.

He says the university has already invested about $10,000,000 in safety initiatives such as adding cameras, lightning, more mental health counselors, and more police officers.

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