UK security cameras aid in arrest

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Cameras are used all the time to look back and help solve crimes, but they’re also increasingly being used to help prevent crimes.

“You’re able to use them to help you in investigating crimes, as well as deterring crimes,” said Chief Joe Monroe, UK Police.

Monroe said it was the real-time access to security cameras that helped bring Bryan Carroll into custody.

He’s the man officers say had guns and explosives in his car right outside UK Hospital.

“We had less than 15 minutes to plan and to get this all done,” Monroe explained.

The UK police Operation Center jumped into action after Versailles Police called and said Carroll was armed and dangerous and visiting the hospital.

“They were, very quickly, able to pull those cameras up on the large screen for us, and we can monitor,” said Monroe.

The video shows how the operation center was following and panning the cameras.

“As our officers are pulling up, you see Mr. Carroll kind of stop and try to process what’s getting ready to happen,” Monroe said. “The officers bailed out of their cars, and that’s when they were able to take him into custody.”

Monroe said there bailout than 3,000 cameras on campus.

“For football games, for traffic management, for going back and identifying a crime that just occurred, all of those are an important part of using this technology as a tool in our tool belt,” said Monroe.

He said the goal is continuing to improve the cameras as technology evolves and adding more.

“It’s a requirement that for any new building, that’s built on campus, or a building being renovated that it has to have cameras and access control put into it,” he said.

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