UK nursing student speaks about experience inside the hospital

LEXINGTON, KY. (WTVQ) – The state announced this week that more than 600 medical, nursing and pharmacy school students across Kentucky are volunteering in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

Allison Prost is a University of Kentucky nursing student who’s working at UK Hospital to gain experience before she graduates.  She never imagined that experience would be working on the front lines against a global pandemic.

She says the hospital is unusually quiet these days.

Prost explains that it has been hard on the hospital dealing with the shortage of masks and purple wipes that are used to wipe down everything.

Some changes in the hospital include, employees hours decreasing, the no visitors policy, being even more cautious of what employees touch, Prost says the six feet apart rule has been tough when it comes to observing her superior, the hospital screens everyone who comes in and every morning employees have to take their temperature and take a survey.

“It’s just scary because there is no cure, there’s no vaccine and it’s just crazy that it’s happening and anything you touch, or you know picking up foods at the supermarket. Just be safe and I know things are limited and just wipe down as much as you can and wash your hands because it impacts people so differently. If you do end up getting it, I know personally, if I were to go home and expose someone to it and it came from me I know I couldn’t live with myself and that’s just heartbreaking to even think about,” Prost said.

Employees are currently wearing two masks to protect themselves and others.

Prost says it is scary because you don’t know who has it because people can be asymptomatic.

She says she is going home this weekend but is scared because she doesn’t want to expose her family.

Prost says staying home right now may be hard and lonely but the virus is getting out of hand and it needs to stop.

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