UK not a vacation, but still a lot like Hawaii

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – We’ve heard it plenty of times Solid Blue fans…everyone wants to play for Kentucky…but Kentucky is not for everyone.  Only the best become Cats.

Coach Cal hinted today sometimes missing on a recruit happens for a reason.  That fate steps in keeps some guys who shouldn’t be in Lexington, away from Lexington.

Nonetheless, everyone wants an offer from the Cats.

It puts you on the map as a prospect and virtually opens the door to go anywhere.  You could pick your school.

So again today, Cal reminded us all UK is not just a vacation.

It’s a job.  And while everyone likes the idea of staying for a while, only a select few choose to call it home.

Hear from Cal on becoming a lot like Hawaii in the video.

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