Tips for getting into college without ACT, SAT test scores

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Parents and high school upperclassmen, listen up.

The University of Kentucky is among other institutions including Harvard and Cornell in telling potential students they don’t need to take a standardized test to apply for the next school year.

“Those students that are not good standardized test-takers, this will be a jump for joy for them,” said Tamela Porter, Bath County High School Guidance Counselor.

Jumping for joy for one bit of good news, out of a pretty terrible year. Porter said it’s been difficult preparing some of her students for college, virtually. She explained a lot of them are cared for by grandparents who don’t have good access to or understanding of technology.

So UK’s decision to drop ACT and SAT scores will make the process just a little bit easier.

“Regardless of whether they have the test score or not we’re going to use what benefits them the most,” said Christine Harper, UK Chief Enrollment Officer.

Harper said if you want to get into a specific college, engineering, for example, the university has set a minimum GPA you have to meet if you don’t have a test score. If you do submit a test score, they will accept whichever meets the requirement.

Focus more on your essay, counselors said it’ll help you stand out.

“That is definitely not a time to be modest,” said Porter.

Even if you still plan on taking the ACT and SAT, Porter said get your applications in as soon as possible so you have a better chance at financial aid. Then you can send the test results later.

“We’ll be looking at when they got their application in as we’re going through merit aid awards process,” said Harper.

While UK said a student with a test score won’t have an advantage over one who doesn’t, counselors said if you can take the test, you still should.

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