UK hosts play addressing sexual assault

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- This weekend the UK Theatre Department is showcasing a play that addresses the issue of sexual assault in a digital world.
The play is called “Good Kids” and it’s based on an assault case that happened in Steubenville, Ohio back in 2012, where a girl was raped after a high school party.
For the cast and crew of UK’s production of “Good Kids” the play is more than simply a story.
“It doesn’t allow the audience to dismiss it as just fiction or it’s just a play, you know those things don’t happen in real life. This actually happened and this is showing audiences something that just reading the story online can’t do,” said Jenny Winstead, a UK student.
The play, based on a real-life sexual assault case, addresses the reality of rape in America and how social media impacts it.
“I just think it’s super important to shed light on the fact that we do have this kind of victim blaming culture and it’s not the victims fault and I hope we’ve done a good enough job of showing that,” said Kelsey Reese, a UK student.
Faculty say they chose to present this play to show audiences, especially college students, just how real and urgent the problem of sexual assault is.
“To realize what those things mean in regards to culture and the things that we accept about each other in saying and I would like, I would like everyone to just recognize what is possible if you’re not careful and if you don’t put thought into your actions,” said Curtis Lipsey, a UK student.
The last performance of “Good Kids” was Sunday afternoon but for a list of more UK Theatre productions head to

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