UK Hospital officials say more nurses are needed, as staff push through COVID surge

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The staff at UK hospital is not only caring for a surge in COVID patients…it’s also working to take care of themselves during such an exhausting and stressful time.

UK says the the staff is working as a team to make sure each other has time to re-coop in order to better care for the 118 COVID patients.

“It’s not only because were still trying to recover from the last surge but this one is different. The patients are not only sicker but they’re young and we’re seeing a lot of pregnant women and it’s just so emotional” said Medical Intensive Care Unit Director, Anna Kalema.

The hospital says more nurses are still needed.

UK healthcare is also offering mono-clonal antibodies for treatment for people with a positive COVID test who are considered high risk…and used for prevention for high-risk people who were exposed to COVID-19. UK says to access those you need to call your primary care doctor.

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