UK football players serve homeless

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Sunday morning, a group of UK football players all from Detroit came together to make a difference in the Lexington area. The Detroit to Lexington Giveback was set up in Phoenix Park downtown where the team put together a lunch and distributed “blessing bags” to those experiencing homelessness in the area.

“Me and my cousin Justin Rogers had come up with this idea to give back to Lexington and start something that a lot of people don’t do and bring this group and take this group and do something great here in Lexington,” says UK football player Tyler Markray. “Back at home we do this year-round so I wanted to do it to Lexington and hopefully start something new.”

Markray and his cousin came up with the idea for the giveback two weeks ago after seeing that there was need for more volunteers and advocates for the homeless community. With help from social media, they were able to pull it together quickly.

“I saw that they had advertised it and first thing I did was get a hold of them be like ‘hey what do you all need? is there anything I can do to help?'” says Rocco Besednjak, founder and director of Camp Hero KY. “You know and being a non-profit we’re able to get a lot of stuff donated and be able to help out that way so it doesn’t go into people’s pockets as much.”

Together, the UK football players and Camp Hero KY were able to provide a hot meal and hygiene essentials to some of Lexington’s homeless. Camp Hero KY says it expects the group to help nearly 70 homeless people in the downtown area.

“If I was in this situation I would want somebody to help me out too and I know I have the resources and the abilities to help people so I wanna do that,” says Markray.

Both the UK football players and Camp Hero KY say they want to see this giveback to the homeless community continue in the future.

“As soon as we get the stuff and prepare, we’ll be able to do more,” says Markray.

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