UK football player cuts his hair for a cause

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)– A University of Kentucky football player has been growing his hair out for the last year and half.

And it’s all for a good cause.

Standing at 6 foot 4, and nearly 300 pounds, Wildcat football player, Ryan Bryant, may look big and scary. But as his mom Nikki shares with us, the big frame is there to hold his even bigger heart.

“People get to know me they think I’m big so it means I’m mean. They say I don’t know what I thought you’d be like but this ain’t it,” he said.

Bryant started growing his hair out 18 months ago with a goal in mind — cut it off to make a difference for someone who needs it.

“It makes me happy knowing that someone who can’t grow hair is going to change their life hopefully. It’s going to make them a lot happier, give them a lot of confidence, that’s all I’m looking for,” said Bryant

He decided to cut off his hair and donated it to, an organization that provides wigs for children to make them feel like themselves in a time of hurt and confusion.

“I’ve got a little sister and all I could think is if something like that happened to her and she lost her hair, I know what it’s like to be a little kid, I know how embarrassed that would feel. So just to give someone back that confidence is great,” he described.

Monday Bryant sat down in a chair at Planet Salon and watched a year and half of work disappear with one cut, all to make a difference.

“You can have all the things in the world. But if you’re not a good person what’s it matter?” he asked.

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