UK robots deliver fast food to students through mobile app

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – This year the food delivery service at the University of Kentucky has received a major upgrade.

A fleet of 22 autonomous on-demand robots.

These robots are controlled by a mobile application and uses next level technology to independently move about and provide contactless delivery. This partnership with Starship Technologies makes the University of Kentucky one of 25 campuses across the nation to use the robots.

“They can wake-up in the morning, get their Starbucks delivered to them or have a late night snack delivered to them from a grocery store,” Explains David Haygoode, a US Launch Specialist.

Program managers say the Bots can pick-up food from seven different campus eateries and carry up to 20 pounds. That’s about the same amount as three shopping bags of groceries.

“I like that you can have it come to your dorm so you don’t have to go to the store to get stuff unless you absolutely have to,” says Mia Vincent, a freshman at UK.

Here’s how it works, first download the app on ios or android.

After you place your order, one of the bots will keep your food fresh in its insulated cooler and wheel across campus to find you. Computer-vision based navigation helps map out their environment to the nearest inch.

This allows it climb curbs, travel at night and move about in snow, rain or shine. The bots are built to make as many as 80,000 road crossing every day by using a sensory feature to navigate even some of the busier parts of campus.

The robots have a battery that lasts throughout the day and eventually these guys are charged and sanitized for another day of delivery.

To learn more about the app, click the link here

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