UK basketball players react to Kobe Bryant’s death

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Investigators are still trying to figure out why Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crashed on Sunday.

The crash killed everyone on board.

People all over the world continue to mourn the sudden and heavy loss of a man who transcended basketball.

The news that he died was shocking and many people were hurt by it including UK forward Keke McKinney.

“It’s crazy how much you feel like you have a connection to somebody you don’t even know,” said Keke McKinney.

Players on the UK men’s basketball team say Kobe sparked their interest in the sport.

“He’s a big part of my childhood and my life as a kid,” said Nate Sestina, UK Forward.

Nate Sestina says he tried to be like him. If Kobe could nail a shot, he wanted to do the same.

“You practice those shots in your driveway,” said Sestina.

For many people, Kobe was their first favorite player.

“He was my first jersey. My first time ever playing basketball I played for the Lakers,” said Ashton Hagans, UK Guard.

UK players say Kobe’s drive, perseverance, and his love for the game will never be forgotten.


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