U.K. Professor Asks ‘What’s Next After Isis?’

The United States and its allies continued to carry out airstrikes Tuesday in Syria.

ABC 36 News turned to a University of Kentucky professor for insight on the fight to take out Isis.

Associate History Professor Paul Chamberlin said that if the U.S. succeeded in eliminating the terror group, America had to look ahead to its next potential threat.

"Isis replaced Al Qaeda and Iraq, and Al Qaeda and Iraq replaced Saddam Hussein. When you go in and destroy political structures, political powers…the vacuum can be dangerous," said Chamberlin.

He added that while the U.S. could hit Syria with air power in the short term, it was important to consider what needed to be done in the long run.

"If the U.S. doesn’t have the resolve to go in and establish stable situations on the ground, there’s nothing to say that the next group that replaces Isis will be any better," said Chamberlin.

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