Two students arrested after threats involving Harrison County High School

HARRISON COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- It was a scary morning for another school here in central Kentucky, Harrison County High School, after multiple threats were made towards students there.

Students at Harrison County High School were put on lockdown for more than half an hour this morning as police investigated two separate threats made by students.

According to Harrison County Schools, at around 11 o’clock Thursday night, Cynthiana police notified the district they were investigating a potential threat against the high school.

“About 12-30 a-m this morning the police department said the investigation had been completed and the threat wasn’t credible,” said Donald Richie woth Harrison County Schools.

But then at around 6:45 Friday morning, District officials say the police department called them again.

“And said that they had recieved new information and had reclassified the threat as being a credible threat. At that point they say they had arrested a suspect in this case,” said Richie.

That suspect, police say, was a juvenile student who goes to Harrison County High School.

But it didn’t end there, just two hours later the district was called again, this time by the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office saying another Harrison County High student had come to them saying he was being threatened.

“By video through Snapchat from another student at the high school here that basically said he was going to kill him,” said Harrison County Sheriff Shain Stephens.

With that threat still under investigation, district officials decided to put the school on lock down.

“And it was on lock down from about 8:30, 8:45 to 9:20 when we received word that the suspect in the second case had been arrested,” said Richie.

That second suspect was 18-year-old Brandon Isles, who now sits in Bourbon County Jail facing charges of terroristic threatening and harassing communications.

Police say the first suspect also faces criminal charges but because he is a juvenile they are not releasing his name nor what he’s being charged with.

Law enforcement officials tell me they hope by charging these students with crimes it will make clear to everyone here that all threats no matter the form will be taken very seriously.

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