Two Displaced After Overnight Kitchen Fire

Two apartments were empty Friday morning at the Raintree apartments at 175 N. Locust Hill Drive, one by fire department orders and the other by residents’ choice.

Lexington Fire got the call just before 11:30 Thursday night. Two adults were in a lower level apartment at the complex when a grease fire got out of control. They were able to leave the apartment safely but won’t be able to live there for some time.

Firefighters say the kitchen is a complete loss and will need full remodeling. Much of the damage is from the water fire crews used to keep the flames from spreading. All of the appliances were laid out in the grass Friday morning after firefighters were through with cleanup.

The rest of the building did fill with smoke but those residents were cleared to stay in their apartments overnight.

One couple though, living right above where the fire started packed up and hit the road. They say the smell of smoke and leftover fumes are too uncomfortable for them and their pets.

"They’ve already ventilated the room, they had opened up the screen on the windows and the door itself and they had hooked up a fan and were blowing it in through the door and there was some panic initially, anytime you have a pet it’s just like family so we went right back up there as soon as we could and got them out and they were tucked together underneath the bed,” said Scott Whittaker, the upstairs neighbor to the apartment that caught fire.

They hope to come back today at some point and get settled back in. Firefighters say they’re unsure when the apartment that caught fire will be able to be lived in again.

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