Two arrested for reported credit card scheme

LAUREL CO., Ky. (WTVQ) – Deputies in Laurel Co. arrested two men on Monday afternoon after they say they found them in a hotel room with dozens of falsified and altered credit and debit cards.

According to deputies, they were called to a hotel after someone complained of smelling marijuana.  When they got there, investigators say they found two men in the room with over 100 credit and debit cards in plain view, along with a machine to scan cards and alter their contents. 

The deputies say one man had identification on him, but they are unsure if the I.D. is legitimate.  The other man, they say, would not give them his name at all.

Deputies arrested the unidentified man as "John Doe," and the other as Omar Said.  Investigators say they believe the two were putting stolen debit and credit card information on the bogus cards and taking the cards to local businesses and obtaining money grams.  According to the deputies they found receipts in the hotel room for money grams the pair had gotten and sent to an offshore account in the Philippines. 

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