Tweet gets attention in the race for state attorney general

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A two sentence tweet is getting a lot of attention in the race for state attorney general.

Some feel that tweet from a former Republican party staffer to a candidate’s teenage daughter was an inappropriate attack.

On Sunday night, Democratic candidate Greg Stumbo’s teen daughter was calling out her dad’s opponent on Twitter when former Republican party staffer Tres Watson sent a tweet.

Watson says, “If your father hasn’t sat you down and told you about the entirety of his past, I’m sorry but it’s only going to get worse. I know this sucks to hear but if that’s the case your father isn’t who he’s told you he is.”

The tweet Watson was responding to was one from Stumbo’s daughter, Kassidy saying she was excited to meet her dad’s opponent Republican Daniel Cameron in person so she could quote, “…look me in the eyes and tell me how he sleeps at night knowing he’s running a campaign based solely on lies and deceit!!!”

Watson’s tweet has some wondering if he went too far.

Stumbo sent a tweet of his own in return to Watson’s saying, “My kids and family should be off limits. Attacking a teenager on Twitter is pretty low, even for the KYGOP…”

The Democratic Party of Kentucky is calling on Stumbo’s opponent Daniel Cameron to condemn Watson’s behavior.

In a statement the Democrats say, “The families of candidates for office and elected officials should be off-limits. The fact that the target of Tres Watson’s abusive attack is still a teenager makes this all the more appalling, and requires a response from Daniel Cameron.”

Cameron hasn’t responded yet.

ABC36 spoke to Cameron’s campaign manager and he said Watson isn’t associated with the campaign and he’ll talk to his team about how to move forward.

Watson deleted his tweet on Monday.

Both he and the Republican Party of Kentucky declined to comment at this time.


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