TSA Reminds Travelers of Banned Items

As the holiday travel season gears up, the Transportation Security Administration is reminding travelers of what is and is not allowed through security checkpoints at airports.

Firearms are not allowed but TSA said agents have found six of them trying to come into the Blue Grass Airport in Lexington this year.

TSA agents say many people bring prohibited items in their carry-on luggage by mistake. 

The most common items agents said they found are liquids and pocketknives but they said they’re seeing more and more credit card knives and firearms.

Agents said the biggest security tip is for travelers to not rush. 

 “Forgetfulness seems to be the biggest key,” said Robbie Gray, Lead TSA Officer at The Blue Grass Airport.  “They either don’t realize that they’re in their bag or they just forget to remove them, so it just seems to be forgetfulness is kind of the problem.”

They said by taking a moment to double-check bags, a lot of time can be saved instead of blocking the line while security searches a bag.

“When we have to stop and check those bags for bottles of water and pocket knives and things like that it’s going to gum up the works for everybody,” said Mark Howell, TSA regional spokesperson.  “You can save yourself time and everybody else time by just taking a look at what you have.”

TSA also said not to wrap presents, even if they are packed in checked luggage.

Click here for a complete list of prohibited items.

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