True to her name, ‘Hope’ gives birth; name it for a donation

SIMPSONVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – A horse rescued in late December from a strip

Hope’s new colt/Kentucky Humane Society

mine in Floyd County where a number of other horses were shot has lived up to her name.

“Hope” foaled a healthy colt Sunday morning at Willow Hope Farm, the Kentucky Humane Society’s Equine Care farm in Simpsonville.

Hope with her new colt/Kentucky Humane Society

Mother and colt are doing well.

“The colt is properly nursing and shares a strong bond with Hope. Our team is routinely checking on the duo ensuring that the foal is progressing well in his first 48 hours of life,” the Humane Society said in an update.

And to help pay for the colt’s care and the care of so many others rescued and brought to the farm, including an entirely new batch of 21 horses, including a young colt, from Wayne County late last week, supporters can name this colt.

If interested in naming the colt for a $1,000 donation, contact Savannah at 502-515-3145.

The Humane Society team is still caring for more than 40 horses at the farm. Donate today to help:

Tune in at 11 a.m. Tuesday for a special Facebook live featuring Hope’s foal and a few other surprises.

Hope was a survivor of a free-roaming herd of horses found in December in the area of the strip mine off Highway 23 in Floyd County near the Pike County line. About 20 of the herd were shot and killed.

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