Truck fire, fallen trees strands hundreds of drivers on I-75 for hours

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- It was a crazy morning for drivers on Interstate 75 southbound in Fayette County after a combination of trees falling onto the road and a tractor trailer catching fire closed down all lanes.

No one was injured in the fire or by the trees.

“We seen the smoke and it wasn’t but a couple minutes and everything came to a halt,” said Darlene and Andy Dorioit.

Darlene and Andy Doriot say they and their kids were driving down I-75 this morning from Ohio on their way to vacation in North Carolina when they got stuck on the interstate in Fayette County after a semi-truck caught fire and trees feel into the road.

“Nothing you can do about it. Nope,” said Doriot.

The two say they didn’t know what was going on but soon realized it was serious.

“Probably when the firetrucks went through. Yeah,” said Doriot.

From there the Doriot’s along with hundreds of other drivers began what would become a three hour wait stranded on the interstate.

“It was probably about a half hour when people just started getting out playing cards around,” said Maria Dudzinski, who was also stranded on the interstate.

Drivers who were not as close to the fire were rerouted off the interstate at the Athens-Boonesboro exit and when told how close they had come to getting stuck said they were grateful they made it off.

“Real glad. You know I can give out the advice to be patient but that might be something I have to work on myself but I’m glad we knew about it ahead of time,” said Keith Linklous, who was able to get off the interstate.

For the Doriot’s though it wouldn’t be until after noon that they were able to get going again.

Now they say they just hope this is the last hitch they have on their vacation.

“Hopefully this is the only hold up for the rest of the trip. Hopefully we get there without any other incidents,” said Doriot.

Even though the interstate reopened just after noon today, it took around two more hours for all the backed up traffic on the freeway and on the side roads to clear and get back to normal.

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