Trooper helps elderly man visit wife in nursing home

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Kentucky State Trooper Robert Purdy shared a story on Facebook Monday about an emotional experience another trooper had.

According to Purdy, the trooper was on his way to a nearby county for a follow-up on a complaint when he saw an elderly man, wet from rain, walking on a rural state highway.

The man told him he was going to see his wife of 50 years who lives in a nursing home 15-20 minutes away.

The trooper offered the man a ride and then got to go along as the man excitedly rushed down the nursing room halls to find his wife.

Staff inside told the trooper the man walks up and down a mountain to visit often.

“I know without a doubt, that the encounter that the Trooper had today, will leave a lasting impression on his life for years to come. And I’m also certain when the Trooper sees him or another stranger on the road next time, he’ll be just as willing to stop and offer them a ride.

This is the side of law enforcement that many times isn’t told or shared. The men and women that wear this uniform, or others similar to it across the country, signed up to do this job, not for the accolades or praise, but to find opportunities to help others when they need it most,” Purdy wrote.

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